STEM MX connects teachers and skilled volunteers.

STEM MX is an industry effort to help teachers give students the learning experiences they’ll need for the jobs of tomorrow.

You can support this effort by building a STEM MX profile, including what you teach or mentor.  Then you can create NEED or OFFERING listings, which could include:

  • Curriculum or subject support
  • Project and event support
  • Supplies and resources
  • Industry tours
  • Guest lectures
  • Work-based learning opportunities
  • Etc.

Listings appear on the home screen, and can be searched by subject, grade-level or location.

STEM MX is designed to build relationships between teachers and skilled volunteers. It’s free to users, but restricted to those 18 years and older.

Corporate and education partners can download the activity data of their employees.

With thousands of skilled volunteers and teachers working together, we can discover and nurture the innate talents of every child.

Executive Summary